The Moho Collective has been cutting bare-bones records and touring the North-East for just over a decade. Best known for their playful and energetic live performances, the long-standing Rochester-based instrumental trio, composed of Kurt Johnson, Justin Rister and Ryan Barclay, recently released two uncharacteristically lush and dense EPs titled Soma and Arka. These recording sessions found the band taking pause from the road and, for the first time, exploring everything that an established recording studio has to offer. Released on Temperamental Recordings, the EPs showcase the band’s impressively broad musical strokes, and feature saxophonist Dana Colley (Morphine) and the Grammy-Nominated producer Mike Brown. 

  Staying true to the Moho tradition of sonic exploration, both Arka and Soma reveal a band of curious stargazers, whose tenacity for songwriting and musical exploration is as creative and vibrant as ever.


Kurt Johnson

Justin Rister

Ryan Barclay