Thoughts on recording 

A week ago, we began tracking for our 3rd album/EP. As I sat under the microphones I couldn’t help but think that recording is such a nerve racking situation. Moho records live on each album, meaning we are all in the room together and we press record and just go for it. If one of us messes up we start all over again or if it’s not too much of a goof we may over dub the right part in at a later date. This process yields amazing results if the stars all align, but if you or a band mate is having an off day it can really set things back. So the pressure is on because you don’t want to be “THAT” guy in the band….

The view from the drivers seat.

That being said, as nerve racking as it is I have always enjoyed recording. I enjoy the challenge of getting it right in one take. For a drummer, its more than just recording the right hits and grooves…add to that providing the mood, feel and emotion to each song so that the end product entices the listener to engage personally and emotionally with the music.

After a super productive weekend of recording I am proud of the work we accomplished on this album/EP. This is by far my favorite Moho album to date. I look forward to the release and hearing all our fans responses to the album.

Stay Creative,