Roots: The Moho Collective and Three Heads Brewery 

SATURDAY, JUNE 4 - Three Heads Brewery - 186 Atlantic Ave. Rochester, NY
Over the past 6 years Three Heads Brewing and The Moho Collective have supported each other in countless ways. In the early years while we were on the road, we were 3HB ambassadors to new cities, pouring tastings for club owners. In return, Three Heads held beer events allowing us to play in front of new listeners. Our relationship grew out of passion for music, beer and friendship. As it grew it blossomed into a beer titled,  Moho Smoked Porter  (see below) which was released in early 2014.

In celebration of our history together, we are excited to announce that we will be performing a special show celebrating the BRAND NEW Three Heads Brewery!!
We will be performing on stage at the brewery in their new tasting room / music hall.

Come join us for a memorable night of music, beer and friendship!

Moho Smoked Porter 

One thing we at 3HB like as much as great beer is amazing music. In Rochester, no one owns their instruments like the Moho Collective. They combine many flavors into a multidimensional experience like we have with this smokey and roasty offering. Kurt, Ryan and Justin, we drop this bomb of love for you. Thank you.

Ryan to perform - Son of Suddhodana - @ Rochester Fringe Festival 9/18/15 

From the imaginative minds of co-writers Ryan Barclay of The Moho Collective and Karsten Brooks celebrated Rochester percussionist– alongside visual artist Cordell Cordaro Art, who provides live painting on stage – comes a musical interpretation of Buddha’s story. Beginning with his renunciation, following his struggles, and resolving with his enlightenment, this story is told through an eclectic mix of world percussion, electronic music and spoken word.

Show: Friday, September 18 @ 10pm


Sponsored by Dream Cymbals
cover photo credit: Kristina Kaiser


"Every piece is a musical journey that takes me through a roller coaster of emotion. I'm impressed by the way they coax fresh sounds out of their instruments, showing no fear of dissonance or volume, and no fear of breaking away from the traditional ways instruments are played."

-- Scott Murawski, Max Creek

"Where other improvisational groups revel in the abstract, Moho Collective songs give the listener a sense of place, character, and narrative."

-- Scott Regan, Open Tunings (WXXI)

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